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Where Twitchy Longo upon his wooden hut spreads his postive Bunnie Propaganda upon the masses. Bunnies United™ is a registered trademark and is operated by Rob Longo & 2121 Productions LLC.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Day One

Hi I'm a bunnie! Well specifically my name is Twitchy. I am a French Lop but don't hold the French part against me. I am a bunnie. Today finally, I got to create my bunnie blog. In this space I will be posting various and numerous cute pictures of myself (sometimes also with my sister Fluff E Nutter). I will also use this space as a soapbox to stop anti bunnie-propaganda and to help establish bunnie rights utilateraly across the globe. Until we reach our goal of world domination but of course we have already achieved that silly human (carrots are for bunnies). Cry Carrot and let fly the Buns of War!


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