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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hot in here

Well things have been pretty hot in here at Bunnies United HQ. For some reason the human who feeds us moved us into this new burrow where these square things hiss at you all day and uncontrollable heat emits from them non-stop. We, meaning Fluffy and I; have been relocated to one of the bedrooms with a working square thing that emits nice cool breezes all day long! Meanwhile, other things with the human that feeds us hasn't been too great. But you know what bunnies say when they are down or all the time for that matter is? I am a bunnie. Its a great re-asserting phrase of ones personal id and center. Go ahead try it... no one is watching say it...
I'm a bunnie. See not bad now try it and shrug your shoulders while saying it. See! It comes out as an innocent question. Body language with humans and yes bunnies is like 80% non-verbal. If you practice you can say I am a bunnie for almost anything and it will mean something to whomever your saying it to. Due in a large part to the non-verbal communication you bestow and inter-mix with it. I'm a bunnie.


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