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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Full Fur Action Bun

Why hello there my loyal readers. How was your holiday? I had a great Easter. The Easter Bun came from planet Easter. He dropped off many Easter Eggs colored in our ritual pastels that remind all buns of their supreme place in the universe. I overheard a human speaking with the man who brings me treats (great job man keep up with that lettuce!) about how bunnies can't be very exciting as pets. Of course I had a big bunnie chuckle at this; anytime humans talk about us as pets... sure we are your pets; you bring us fresh food, fresh water, and clean our cages sureee we are the pets. Anyway, that wasn't the most amusing part the human said we are boring pets. My sister then demonstrated on a phone book what happens when you awaken the wraith of bun! Beware if you make your masters angry!


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