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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Yeah so we all know my roomate's name is Fluff E Nutter and that she is my sister. Let me tell you something ya don't know someone till ya live with them. That is such a true statement they should teach it in Bunnie School. Sure Fluffy is cute and all but sheesh she is such a pain in the tail! The man who gives me treats put in this blanket into our cage the other day. I figured it would be great to sit on when its a little cold at Bunnies United HQ. The man who gives me treats even strapped the blanket to the cage floor so it wouldn't come loose. But sure enough my wonderful sister started attacking it. She kept trying to flip it over, burrow through it, eat it, and just generally destroy it. Needless to say she makes a big comotion going about all this and worse of all she knocks over my wooden hut and our food bowls. Now sadly the nice warm rug is gone removed from our cage. She better not try and snuggle with me when it's cold here.


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