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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pro or Anti-Bunnie Propaganda ? Part Two

Now this kind of propaganda is just to me very very Anti-Bunnie. The man who brings me treats had this in our HQ. Not only was it an afront to all Bunnies United stands for but I was aghast when the man who gives me treats reached his dirty paw (why do his paws always smell of poo?) into the box and said aloud, "Www Twitchy aren't these cute yummy lil bunnies." Excuse me?!?!? Yummy lil bunnies?!?!? WTB! Am I now to think that the man who brings me treats is getting the nerve up to one day eat me, my sister, and my brother? These kind of food items seem on the outside very cute and harmless but when one examines their more sinister implications one must take a stand. So I did. I pooped a nice big round wet one, you know the kind and I flung it with all my bunnie might right into the devilish box. Yummy lil bunnie my tail! I am a bunnie. Are you? Oh and yeah I know I havent posted much but I have been busy with my world plans of conquest. But hey maybe if you would comment on my posts sometimes instead of watching them like my creepy bun brother Double Stuff who stares at my sister all day I would be mor einclined to post more regularly. The Pro or Anti Bunnie Propaganda issue is an excellent place to start!

Pro or Anti-Bunnie Propaganda ? Part One

Hmm ok so you all have seen this on other blogs, myspace, and other such pages... is this type of thing that is Pro or Anti Bunnie Propaganda. We at Bunnies United always seek to promote positive rolemodels and denounce sterotypes within the Bunnie community. Is something like this harmless, hurtful towards Bunnies United, or helpful for the Bunnies United cause? I would really like to know your comments. I am a bunnie... are you?

my pet!

Happy New Bun Year

Happy New Bun Year from all of us at Bunnies United! This is the year of the bun! Actually every year is the year of the bun because we are bunnies. I'm a bunnie!