Bunnies United™

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Monday, March 06, 2006

You know what they say big feet big...

Heart! You perves. I know I have been a lazy bun with the blog but the man who gives me treats said I was going to get a new dedicated website for my blogging activities to spread my Bunnies United message accross the carrot fields worldwide! Until then since you have all been well behaved and kept two legged non-hopping weird fur things you get two posts today. Count yourself privilaged to be some of the first to partake in all that is BUN. The BUN movement is upon us!

Bandwagon Bun

My sister got right on the bunnie bandwagon with this one guys. Trust me she doesn't know anything about football let alone the Super Bowl XL Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Ok she knows Ben is cute but that's all. Some buns have no shame and then there is Fluff E Nutter.