Bunnies United™

Where Twitchy Longo upon his wooden hut spreads his postive Bunnie Propaganda upon the masses. Bunnies United™ is a registered trademark and is operated by Rob Longo & 2121 Productions LLC.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Public Enemy #1

We name our first public enemy of Bunnies United this eve. Bunnies United Headquarters received this late breaking news item today. That this woman left a bun in an unventilated attic room with no windows during the season high temperatures last week. A moment of silence for this bun that was treated like a common pastry in an oven. We mourn your loss brother bun. But we stand United against this sort of threat. Help us to bring this enemy of the Bun State to justice and spread the word that Bun Neglect will not be tolerated! Buns no matter breed or color should all receive equal; ventilation, abundant hay, no less then one cup of pellets, and a cold refreshing bottle of water daily per mandated by the Bunnies United Handbook. A reward has been posted by the Federal Bun Investigators for 5ooo carrots for the capture and encasement of this villain!