Bunnies United™

Where Twitchy Longo upon his wooden hut spreads his postive Bunnie Propaganda upon the masses. Bunnies United™ is a registered trademark and is operated by Rob Longo & 2121 Productions LLC.

Monday, October 31, 2005


Noooooooooooooo! Of all the indignations a bunnie can suffer... Halloween Eve and the man who gives me treats is watching some weird thing on the picture box that he screams at. I am in my cage happily eating. But he keeps mentioning my name and some thing for me. Maybe its a treat? Maybe its that toy at Petco I have wanted for awhile? Maybe its a brother? All I can piece together is Dart Vader or something like that. Well, if Dart Vader is a treat you know where ta find me big guy! But, no it is the horror of horrors for any pet... yes, the dreaded pet costume. This form of animal cruelty is usually saved for the lesser animals like cats and dumb dogs. But last I checked I was a bunnie (the reader is reminded of the previous post about I'm a bunnie). But lo to all buns as I cast my carrot enriched bunnie vision upon the greatest humilation... a small dog costume and its going on me! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hot in here

Well things have been pretty hot in here at Bunnies United HQ. For some reason the human who feeds us moved us into this new burrow where these square things hiss at you all day and uncontrollable heat emits from them non-stop. We, meaning Fluffy and I; have been relocated to one of the bedrooms with a working square thing that emits nice cool breezes all day long! Meanwhile, other things with the human that feeds us hasn't been too great. But you know what bunnies say when they are down or all the time for that matter is? I am a bunnie. Its a great re-asserting phrase of ones personal id and center. Go ahead try it... no one is watching say it...
I'm a bunnie. See not bad now try it and shrug your shoulders while saying it. See! It comes out as an innocent question. Body language with humans and yes bunnies is like 80% non-verbal. If you practice you can say I am a bunnie for almost anything and it will mean something to whomever your saying it to. Due in a large part to the non-verbal communication you bestow and inter-mix with it. I'm a bunnie.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Me and my hutch

What a great day! Today the guy who feeds us treats brought home a big wire gate/fence. He configures it in all kinds of ways around our cage. Now, some of you might be wondering why I would be excited about another imprisionment device... Well, he let us out to hop about! It was great! I did several binkies! He seemed pretty pleased with himself. My only question was why didn't he get this addition sooner? As a bonus I got to lay in my favorite wooden hut. The wood hut is far superior to the faux plastic castle my sister prefers. With the wood hut you get the stability only heavy wood offers, good wood to chew on, and a place to hang out. As you can see by the pic that is my sister Fluff E Nutter. She has been begging me to post a pic of her here. Don't get any ideas she is fixed and my sister! And no I did not let her in the hut.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Well this was going to be my big debut. My moment in the spotlight. Hopefully, I would last under the flame of fame longer then 15 minutes. Yeah, this was my chance for the big carrot. The man who feeds us treats had a new camcorder so he wanted to film yours truly. He figured in honor of Godzilla; one of the world's greatest actors of all time we would make our own version... Bunzilla! The set was well, set, the lights were blazing and I was ready for my close up. Only, I guess I just wasn't in the mood. I wouldn't go near the big blue thing they wanted me to attack. I laid behind it, out of the all recording eye's view. I ignored all direction from Mr. Got a new camcorder get a clue... 45 minutes later I was back in my cage with a treat. Does oppurtunity knock twice?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Curse of the Were Rabbit

First I wanna say Mom I love you and can I have more lettuce?

I got to see Curse of the Were Rabbit. The first twenty minutes I was a little disgusted with the way bunnies were being represented. I cringed in my pink (yes pink don't ask) carrier a few times when one of the main bad guys had a shotgun and wanted to go wabbit hunting. But in the end the bunnies united and triumphed. Bunnies Unite! Bunnies Attack position! Bunnies Attack!

Mom lettuce now pleaseee...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Day One

Hi I'm a bunnie! Well specifically my name is Twitchy. I am a French Lop but don't hold the French part against me. I am a bunnie. Today finally, I got to create my bunnie blog. In this space I will be posting various and numerous cute pictures of myself (sometimes also with my sister Fluff E Nutter). I will also use this space as a soapbox to stop anti bunnie-propaganda and to help establish bunnie rights utilateraly across the globe. Until we reach our goal of world domination but of course we have already achieved that silly human (carrots are for bunnies). Cry Carrot and let fly the Buns of War!